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Online Brand Protection

We Protect Your Brand And Provide Marketplace Enforcement on Amazon From Counterfeiters and Un-Authorized Resellers.

The Amazzia Solution

We partner with you to reclaim your brand’s Amazon presence and offer brand reputation protection in the online marketplace.

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Ensuring MAP Compliance on the Market Place amazzia

Ensure MAP Compliance

Reversing perceived quality erosion, detecting MAP violations, and restoring price equity across the marketplace.

247 Monitoring and Protection amazzia

24/7 Monitoring and Protection

Continuous and constant monitoring of your listings in REAL TIME, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Removing Un-Authorized Sellers amazzia

Removing Un-Authorized Sellers

Effective and proven strategies to report and remove Un-Authorized Resellers from your listings.

We Work with Real People, Not Software amazzia

Real People, Not Software

REAL PEOPLE actively monitor your Brand on Amazon, keeping you free from violators & price erosion.

When you don’t have control of your brand’s presence online, you are taking a huge risk.

Unauthorized resellers corrupt the online marketplace with reckless, self-serving tactics, causing price erosion and negatively impacting your brand’s image.

Under these circumstances your legitimate brick & mortar retailers are unable to compete with online prices and may refuse to carry your brand.

Also, your customers may have a negative experience by receiving used, expired or counterfeit products and refuse to purchase from your Brand in the future.

All of this translates into sales and revenue loss.

Our Brand Protection Strategy

In response to this pervasive issue, the founders of Amazzia used their decades of collective experience in E-commerce to develop a comprehensive and effective Brand Protection Strategy.

Amazzia protects you from:

  • Price Erosion
  • Counterfeit Products
  • Poor Customer Experiences
  • Un-Authorized Resellers
  • Revenue Loss
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Brand Registry 2.0

In order to give more power and more authority to your Brand, one of the first steps is Brand Registry 2.0 on Amazon.

Our Brand Protection team guides and assists you through the process ensuring that everything goes smoothly and in the right direction.

Amazzia Amazon Brand Registry and Protection Marketplace Enforcement
removing unauthorized sellers amazzia
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Removing Un-Authorized Resellers

Over the years, our Brand Protection Team has developed effective and proven strategies to report and remove the Un-Authorized Resellers from your listings.

We protect your online reputation and ensure maximum profits.

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24/7 Monitoring & Protection

At Amazzia, we constantly monitor your Listings to ensure that no one else, besides you, can benefit from your product’s sales.

We don’t rely on automated software or unreliable systems. All of our work is done by people that actively check your Brand’s pages around the clock, keeping them clean and safe from Un-Authorized Resellers.

monitoring and protecting your online brand by real team
weekly and monthly reporting by amazzia team
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Weekly & Monthly Report

Here at Amazzia, we recognize the value of partnership with our clients and work hard to ensure that all of your needs are met.

Weekly and monthly reports are available for you to review and help you to protect and grow your Brand.

“The program has been very successful. We started to see results immediately. We had unauthorized sellers pouring out of the woodwork, so thank you Amazzia! We’re excited to be entering into the sales growth optimization phase and Amazon A+ EBC Content.”

Alexia Amerson

Business Operations Manager, The Mane Choice

Amazzia, Experts in Amazon Enforcement,
Distribution & Growth

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