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The Amazzia Solution

Amazon Prime Eligible

Amazon Prime Eligible

All products are available for Amazon Prime shipping to all 50 states.

Bundling Available

Bundling Available

We can kit or bundle your products (i.e. shampoo & conditioner sets).

FBA Compliant

FBA Compliant

Your products are FBA compliant, with expert liquids packaging and required warning labels.



We participate in Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging offerings.

We optimize each listing for maximum sales and growth potential.

Let’s face it. Maintaining control over your distribution channels can get complicated. Inconsistent pricing, poor product quality, shipping delays and un-authorized resellers are only a few of the problems the Brands face every single day.

We are here to give you back the control of your distribution channel.

Amazing customer experiences are impossible without a reliable and effective distribution channel.

Amazzia is that channel.

Working as your brand’s distributor, Amazzia becomes your partner in quality control, selling your products exclusively to verified and qualified resellers. We monitor the narrative and make sure your pricing thresholds are being honored, thanks to our exclusive circle of vetted resellers. 

From start to finish, packaging to shipping, everything is done the Amazzia way.

Amazzia lets you say goodbye to:

  • Lack of Control on Your Distribution Process
  • Product Damaging During Shipping
  • Counterfeit Products
  • Low Quality Packaging
  • Distribution to Un-Authorized and Non-Reliable Resellers
  • Shipping Delays
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Shipping to our Single Warehouse

No more stressful shipping issues. All you have to do is send your products to our location in Reseda, CA. and we do the rest.

We process everything in our distribution center and then ship it across the United States.

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Product Prep & Packaging

Our warehouse crew is trained to ensure the best quality during the product preparation and packaging process. 

Our FBA compliant and professional preparation includes:

  • Proper liquid packaging
  • Required warning labels
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Kitting & Bundling

During our Prep and Packaging process we can kit and bundle your products (i.e. shampoo & conditioner sets). Amazzia understands and honors your Brand’s necessities to ensure that all of your needs are met. 

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Shipping to all 50 States

When your products are ready, we ship them straight to the Amazon warehouses on the resellers’ behalf.

This allows us to control the quality the entire time. No more customers receiving counterfeit, used or expired products.

“We can now rest assured that the products being sold on Amazon are authentic, genuinely meet our high-quality shipping standards and have not been opened or tampered with.” 

Nicole Far

Business Development Manager, Giovanni Cosmetics

At Amazzia, your success is our success.

Contact us today and give your brand the success it deserves.

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